TDB Electrical are fully certified electric vehicle charging point installers.
We only install the latest range of smart chargers, meaning there is no need for an additional earth rod to be installed, making installation much more simple and less expensive. 
All our chargers come with internet connectivity (home broadband connection required) and are controlled via a free smart app. 
The app allows users to lock/unlock the charger, monitor usage and most importantly schedule charging times overnight so as to reduce the costs and make best use of lower overnight electricity costs. 

For more information, or to request a free survey and quote, please contact us.

TDB Electrical install EV chargers from Wallbox and Project EV.

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus is a small wall mounted charger that includes a fixed 
tethered cable  (Available with a type 1 or 2 connector) The unit is available in a black or white finish and includes a wall mounted cable hook and connector holder.

The Project EV Pro-Earth is a connector charger and comes with a separate type 1 or 2 charging cable.

Both chargers offer smart connectivity and can be controlled via a free App, connectivity is via Wi-Fi or direct to your device via bluetooth.
   Both units deliver 7.2Kw of charge and require a 32A dedicated connection from your fusebaord. The Wallbox is avalible at 22Kw via a three-phase connection if required.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus  (tethered)

Project EV Pro-Earth  (non-tethered)


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