The complete CCTV solution

TDB are experts in CCTV systems and have been installing them for over 10 years. 
We can supply all sizes of system from a basic 2 or 3 camera setup to a full 20+ camera solution. 
Our most secure CCTV systems are cabled, but we can supply wireless devices too.

Secure Power

Our systems come with the option for remote power back-up, meaning they can carry on guarding your property in the event of a power failure. Talk to us today about how this can help keep your home safe.- 

Smart Monitoring & Notification

Many of our CCTV solutions come with free remote monitoring, meaning that wherever you are you can keep on eye on your property via a simple app on your smart phone. Systems can also send notifications to your phone or email account in the event of motion or disconnection, these can be scheduled for certain times of the day or week.
Should you need to export a clip to send, its all just at the touch of a button. 

Integrated CCTV and Wi-Fi

 One of our most popular solutions involves single unified CCTV and wireless network System.
This involves installing a network into the property that services CCTV cameras and also include high-quality wi-fi access points. This provides a complete IT solution that is very efficient and reliable, particularly when combined with one of our secure power solutions. 


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